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Conservative Leader.

Securing Nebraska's Future

Join Nebraskans across the state who want to ensure our voting security, prioritize public safety, and grow Nebraska's export economy.

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Meet Bob

The son of parents who started a small Nebraska business that grew into a large, successful food distribution company, I learned early about hard work, risk-taking, the importance of strong relationships with others, and the unfailing optimism of entrepreneurs.

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On the Issues
Election Day

I believe only Nebraskans should have the right to register and vote within the state. As Secretary of State, I have ensured that our elections are safe and secure.

Politician Greeting Children



Voting Security



As a member of the powerful Nebraska Board of Pardons, I have stood with victims and was tough on criminals. I helped lead the efforts to keep the death penalty on the books in Nebraska.

Public Safety
Close Up of Corn Field

The Secretary of State is the ambassador of Nebraska to the world. I will continue to work together with Governor Ricketts to grow Nebraska exports and support Nebraska's economy.



Economic Security

I endorse Bob Evnen because he is a hard-working, clear-headed conservative who will serve Nebraskans well. I hope that you will join me in supporting Bob Evnen for Secretary of State.

U.S. Senator Deb Fischer

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